The Mediparency™ Platform, the Next Generation HIT Platform.


Based on the Data Custodian model, the Platform provides a patient-centered, Entity-centric Resource-oriented Shared Data platform to coordinate care among ALL stakeholders.

Through the REST API or optional GraphQL interface, data is marshaled in and out of the database while performing validation, conversion of formats, privacy access rules, and more.

Through integration with the latest technologies, we provide a future-proof platform to build your Patient Care Applications. By integrating the latest Javascript frameworks such as Meteor and FB ReactJS, you have the tools to develop Web Applications that are both reactive and end-user UI/UX designed.
We Know Your Patients!!  Learn How You Can Know More About Them.

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Privacy with Transparency

Protecting patient privacy while still providing the transparency and governance to the data you need is built-in.


Reactive Data

Your data is updated to all stakeholders in real-time with little or no programming.


Mediparency™ Cloud Platform

Hosted in the Cloud, you pay a simple monthly fee for number of patients you manage. Offsite secure backup and redundant servers offer high-availibility.


About Us

We are a seed stage startup providing the Mediparency™ Platform as a PaaS for sharing patient data on the Net.

With over 30 years of experience in data integration, our team knows data.  Our founder is the inventor of a patented data mapper/data integration platform in constant use from its creation in 1991 through today, where it powers a trading partner network of 500,000 that handles $6.5 TRILLION of business annually.

We have built a patient data sharing infrastructure centered on an Entity-centric, Resource-oriented, Shared Data Platform, the Mediparency Platform.  This platform gives you the ability to coordinate patient care among the various stakeholders in healthcare.  As an interoperability platform, we offer a common base upon which to build the next generation of healthcare applications.